Where I have to copy download file ?

You can ask your broker about automatic strategy but every broker has similary program so you should copy our file:blackhorse. ex4 to directory :  c:\Program Files\ (Name of broker program f.g. FXMARKET)\Expert\ .

Than you open your aplication and find BLACK HORSE in the list of stategy.  After click Robot will be working and earn money for you,

Can I download Black Horse after the payment?
Of course, you can do it. We will send you information by email.

How can I contact you if something goes wrong?
After the payment, you (and we) will receive a transaction code associated to your email address, so you will use it to contact us, if were problems. The transaction code is also displayed on the download page.

Why do I have to choose Black Horse ?
Because Black Horse is a stable long term source of profit, perfect for any type of investment. You can change the lot size to better tune the profits, proportionally to your balance possibilities.

What is the minimum balance required?
The minimum balance is 10$. Extactly! With its money management system, Black Horse can work with a starting balance of 10$, increasing the lot size proportionally to the cashed profits, keeping constant the risk margin and low drawdown.

Is black Horse time limited?
No. This is your Robot forever after payment.

What are the Forex Market on which works?
The market : EUR/USD.

Can Black Horse work with both ECN and Market Maker brokers?
Of course, Black Horse supports ECN and Market Maker/Placer brokers that allow the automated trading with MetaTrader 4's platform.

Is Black Horse considered illegal by the Market rules?
Absolutely no, it's fully legal and doesn't make use of hedged orders, denied by the NFA rules.


Why do you sell a powerful instrument like this?
Because the Forex Market everyday exchanges 2 trillion of dollars, so if we sell about 100.000 robots, the Forex Market will be moved of 1 pip only. So "we" and "our clients" can earn together without influence each other.